App Starter Patnership Programme

CPT Supports The App Community

Critical Path Tech App Starter Patnership Program

  • The CPT App Starter Programme was developed to enable great App ideas with limited resources to be professionally built, released and marketed.
  • The App Starter programme is available to a limited number of CPT customers per year.
  • We share the risk of your project.

Do You Have a Great App Idea?

  • Having a good idea and knowing what to do next can be tricky.
  • If you have a great App idea and we think your idea has legs we will help make it happen!
  • If you would like to find out contact us.

What you get
  • Top Tier Software Development and Project Management.
  • Lightning fast "Proof of Concept" and "Prototyping".
  • Scaleable solutions.
  • A dedicated team for your project.
What we get
  • We get to design, create and build Apps with the latest cutting edge technologies.
  • We get to sharpen our skill set and deepen our knowledge.
More Than Just Development
  • We give you a roadmap from start to finish.
  • We help with the initial concept, design, build, re-design, release and next versions.
  • We give you real feedback and real partnership.
  • We have locally sourced and preferred Marketing experts who can help get your idea marketed the right way.
App Partnership
  • Developing Quality Apps can be expensive, but not if you are part of the CPT App Starter Programme!
  • We risk a significant part of the project management, design and development costs.
  • We don't ask for a percentage of your profits.
Apply Now
  • Got a great idea for an App, you need to beat your competitors to market.
  • The faster you can take your App to market the better your chances!
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